Assembly systems

Hoppmann has been designing and engineering continuous motion assembly systems since 1990. Each system, whether custom-made or pre-engineered to our own high standards, meets our clients unique requirements. Our turn-key solutions help our customers in their ongoing challenge to introduce new product to the market in less time. With a constant focus on quality, efficiency and reliability!

Hoppmann Solutions


Hoppmann Continous Motion Assembly (CMA) systems have clear benefits: high accuracy, higher output compared to manual assembly end continuous in-line product control.


Our CMA systems can optionally be delivered with multiple operational functions (screw up, tamp down, snap together, etc.) Servo motors and torquing heads to screw, twist or torque parts together. Touchscreen control panel (HMI) and inspection equipment (sensors, cameras, etc.)


We can deliver intermittent and indexing systems which are able to handle multiple, simultaneous operations in one compact system. Verification, function testing, inspection testing and assembly are typically included in such a system. The indexing systems can run up to 60 parts per minute in a single station, and product inspections stations can be incorporated throughout the entire process. Your benefits: minimum space requirement and maximal productivity!

Part Placement

To precisely place parts into or onto containers (pockets, pucks, or similar) you need Hoppmann's Part Placement Assembly Systems. Our systems are also able to puck and/or depuck multiple products, carry out inspections throughout the entire process and handle up to 400 parts per minute. Our systems can do just about anything whith your parts. Just contact us and we will gladly anylize how to increase your productivity!