Feeding systems

With over 30 years of experience in designing, building and refining our centrifugal feeders, Hoppmann B.V. in The Netherlands offers creative solutions for any part feeding and handling issues. Over the years we have created a series of centrifugal feeders and unscramblers utilizing imaginative innovation and leading technologies to meet your needs.

Hoppmann Solutions

Product configurations

Hoppmann offers different styles of feeders for different requirements. The CF-Series efficiently handles small, medium and large parts at low and high speeds, as does the CFS-Series, which incorporates a unique scallop rim which is designed according to the specific product characteristics. Both series are designed to feed, orient and singulate a large variety of products, among which bottles, vials, scoops, spoons, pipettes, syringes, batteries and many more products, all varying in shape, size, diameter, etc.

We continue to advance our handling capabilities with new, innovative designs: The Hoppmann SHU™, a handling and orienting unit for syringes and applicators, which incorporates printing and control equipment, puck feeders, linear unscramblers, integrated vision systems for product control and not to forget our Quick15™ tool changing concept for multiple part applications. Hoppmann systems are easy to integrate with other equipment, such as continuous motion assembly turrets, filling machines, printing equipment, cartoning systems, inspection stations and so much more.