For each product and feeding solution Hoppmann offers the most suitable type of prefeeder. Each prefeeder is designed to receive product in bulk, provides precise product metering into the centrifugal feeder and guarantees the highest level of quality to your product.
The autonomy – that is the time till the next refill – depends on the capacity of the bunker. All Hoppmann prefeeders are made of stainless steel and ensure long life and low maintenance.

Hoppmann Solutions

Product configurations

The AB overhead prefeeders have been developed for the metering of small and medium-sized parts. AB prefeeders form a perfect match with the Hoppmann centrifugal feeders. The feed volume can be adjusted by means of a dosing plate.

EB and EBK elevating prefeeders handle medium and large sized parts. The prefeeders distuingish themselves by a very robust construction and an optimal ratio between space requirements and capacity.

The BB cascade prefeeders have been specifically designed for products with a fine or delicate finish. Utilizing 2 independent belts, the contents of the prefeeder are kept flat so that fragile or unstable products are not damaged.

The CB and ZCB combination prefeeders are designed to handle sensitive products. The variable speed motor on the elevator ensures proper product metering. The "live bottom" conveyor gently meters parts to the elevator, preventing product damage. Designed for floor level parts loading and hopper clean out. In addition, the ZCB models have a horizontal conveyor, which can be adjusted as required, permitting the remote positioning of the bunker from the centrifugal feeder.